I am Miles Elliott, the master mind of Elliott's Imaging. I was born and raised here in Porterville. I’ve grown up around sports and photography and have enjoy participating in many different games. I look back and remember standing on the sidelines at football games, just waiting for Coach to tell me I’m IN. Once I was on the field, I would look up at the announcer stand and look for my grandfather "Bumps" video taping the game.

Now that I am older and not able to play in those football games, I’ve found that standing on the sidelines and photographing those exhilarating moments is just like being in the game again.

I am an amateur photographer that has rediscovered the love for the game and since have been photographing many different sports and events including PHS, MHS and GHHS sporting events. I have shot Football, Volleyball, Water Polo, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling, Tennis, Golf, Softball, and Baseball.

I have photographed all levels of sporting events from Pee-Wee baseball, all the way up to the MLB.

I am contracted with the Porterville Recorder as a freelance photographer. I have also had the opportunity to photograph team and individual photos for different sports organizations, teams and schools.

In the furture I look forward to the opportunity to shoot the following events and places for my own enjoyment and personal work:

Shuttle Launch
Indy 500
Kentucky Derby
World Series
Super Bowl
Rose Bowl
Miramar Air Show
Red Bull Air Races
U.S. Open (golf)
The Masters (golf)
Daytona 500
Olympics (winter and summer games)
The Americas Cup (sailing)
and many more

Places I would like to take photos:
Washington DC
and many more

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me or ask.